Take the fight to the ballot box.

If 2020 has given us ONE power move, it’s that it is a US electoral year. We’ve got the chance to be heard, and we’re gonna make the damn most of it. By voting.


Local elections are HERE. Typically, just 1 in 5 voters participate in off-year local elections — meaning your vote at the local level can have an even bigger impact. On just one election day in Ohio, 7 local issues were decided by just 1 vote.

Why is this election important?

Your Local government is the closest to you. Their decisions directly affect things like your immediate safety. You probably want a say in that 👀

Here's what your local government controls:

Local school quality

Deciding sanctuary jurisdiction status

Policing and public safety (and holding police accountable)

Rent costs and affordable housing

Public transit

Alcohol and marijuana ordinances

City colleges and job training program

Have your say.

We’ve all done the birthday text of shame. Sometimes even the important things are hard to remember. Voting though? DW, everything you need to add to your cal is below.

Add your date to your calendar/set your phone reminder and get heard:

If the Cleo heads-up makes you dead excited to go and give your vote but relying on your now-in-place phone reminder makes you squirm, you can prep yourself even more.

So to conclude. VOTE.