Cleo’s got a new one. It’s here to save your ass (money) and prove that you don’t need to yawn when you hear the word.

Elevator pitch: Things change fast right now, so it’s weekly. It’s for your spending money only, cos why stare at the grim sights you have no control over. You can have as many custom categories as you like. Puzzle budget. Snack savings. Weekend bender. And it's FREE.

Here’s the full how-to.


We’re social creatures, we also tend to thrive with some kind of accountability in place. For those two reasons, you can now all do the budget challenge each week.

First, you set your weekly budget. That includes those personalized categories. We’re all different.

Then, each day Cleo will check in and see how you’re going. You’ll get a score card, Instagram bingo style, where you tick off your wins (or losses) as you go. Hold yourself accountable, get it onto your Instagram story at the end of the week and Cleo will pick a winner. Sure, there's a cash prize, but the real win is in yourself. A week of better spending and a positive shift in attitude isn't too shabby. And you won’t find budgets boring anymore, that’s a promise.