Frequently asked questions


Why use Cleo?

At core, Cleo is an information service: with simple, instant, and personalised information, she helps you get on top of your money. She gives you proactive updates, letting you track your spending with smart categories, budgets, and tailored insights. You chat to her in Facebook Messenger like you would a friend; she’s immediately integrated into your digital life.

How does Cleo work?

Cleo works by securely accessing your transaction data in read-only mode, using world-leading financial software from Plaid. Cleo then intelligently scans your transaction history, categorising and identifying trends in your spending. She also allows you to view your balance, direct debits and latest transactions, as well set budgets and watch your spending in specific categories.

What is the Cleo U.S. alpha?

We have launched a private alpha version of Cleo in the U.S., with limited spaces. You'll be using the earliest version of Cleo in the States: it will be scrappy, there will be bugs, and you will think of things you’d like to see as you use it. This is great because when you join, you'll become part of the team building Cleo. Give us your feedback, tell us how we can make her work for you in the best way. We'll send updates on the journey, and you can join our US private alpha Facebook community here to get involved in the conversation, sneak peaks, competitions and more.

How safe is Cleo?

Cleo is extremely safe and secure. We use bank-level encryption and security practices, and Cleo is a read-only service so no-one can move money in or out of your account. To access your transaction history, we either connect directly to your bank's private API or use Plaid, world leaders in financial security and data aggregation. We never store your credentials on our servers and your transaction history is encrypted.

Why does Cleo need my login information?

We need you to enter your login credentials so that we can establish a secure connection with your bank or credit card company. This secure connection is read-only: we can view your transactions, but cannot move your money in or out of your account.
Once a secure connection is established, it enables Cleo to analyse and categorise thousands of historic transactions as well as current balance information, securely and automatically.

Can Facebook access my banking data?

No, Facebook is purely the platform that Cleo uses to interact with you. Your banking credentials are handled by your bank and Plaid during the sign-up process. They are never accessed by or stored on Facebook’s servers.

Can anyone join in the U.S?

This is the beginning of our U.S. journey, with customers signing up everyday to help build the future of finance through Cleo.

How will you make money?

We'll offer our own faster, fairer and cheaper financial products. We have significant backing from tier-one investors to execute this vision quickly. And don't worry we will never sell your data.
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