Save your spending

Budgeting app that saves more than your money

Remember all those useful classes in school that taught you how to budget? No, neither do we. Seems like we all experienced a little bit of an oversight on the important stuff. But that’s none of our business. Oh wait, yeah it is.

You’ve heard about budgeting countless times and you know it’s something you should probably take a whack at. But when it comes to actually, really, physically bringing your budget to life, you falter. It seems like a drag. You tell yourself you’ll just keep an eye on things instead. You don’t.

Here’s how to make a budget and stick to it – featuring a robot that knows all about how you should spend your money. And how you shouldn’t.

Save your spending

How does Cleo help me with my budget?

Cleo is an AI-powered budgeting app that is like absolutely no other money management tool available. You might not know how to budget. You definitely don't know how to budget without being bored. In fact, you’ve probably never seen the words budget and fun in the same sentence. Until that one. Using Cleo’s budgeting app features is easy. And to be frank and incredibly modest, actually really fun. Talk to Cleo about your income, your bills and your necessary expenses. Once you’re done exposing yourself, she’ll figure out exactly how much you can spend, save, and much much more. Alongside making you question whether a robot is funnier than you.

Save your spending

Breaking habits, making money.

When you start learning how to budget your money, everyone starts yelling about tracking your spending. First of all, enough with the noise. Second of all, tracking every little Starbucks visit here and McDonald's trip there just isn’t realistic. You’ve got better things to do than write down every single transaction you make – though it'd probably act as a real eyeopener to say the least. Cleo will take care of that for you, you get on with working on that McDonald's addiction.

If you’ve got a bad spending habit, you’ll know about it. Cleo can be savage about things if you need that kind of energy in your life.

But let’s get one thing straight – spending is not bad, it's just something you want to do well. You should never feel bad about your money, Cleo knows that. Ask the clever budgeting app if you can afford that pizza and she’ll let you know. Cleo can break things down for you on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. This way your accountability is taken care of. If you’re not sure whether or not you should buy something, just ask Cleo.

Save your spending

On your marks. Get set. Goals.

Life isn’t just paying bills and figuring out what you can spend each day to survive. Well, it’s not supposed to be. In this life, we want the finer things. You know, the things that often set us back a few dollar signs. Technically, you could just blow that pay check on whatever the hell you wanted. Also technically, you could do the super responsible thing and save up first. Shall we meet in the middle? Part of learning how to make a budget is learning how to get those savings going without making your spending absolutely dry and joyless.

Cleo’s got you covered here. Set some savings goals for the things you want most in life and Cleo will get you there. She’ll work out how long it’ll take you to get there and how much money per week that gives you to spend. Despite doing that old responsible thing, we all come unstuck from time to time. Cleo can help you with getting that emergency fund off the ground in case you ever need it. As tempting and necessary as that giant inflatable flamingo to sleep on while you’re in Bali seems, the emergency fund is a good call.

Save your spending

Cleo’s on your side.

You got this far down the page, you know this by now. Learning how to budget is no longer boring. Your financial life is about to come together. So is your relationship with your money (and Cleo). Transforming finances and relationship with your money is what Cleo’s does best. She’s quick, she’s savvy and she’s done with you falling at the feet of the banks. Having a badass, AI-powered budgeting app on your side will make budgeting fun, easy and maybe even empowering

Save your spending

Credit scores aren’t scary anymore.

Ah, credit scores. That old antiquated system that tells people “don’t give this person a loan, they don’t know what they’re doing.”

Not the most beautiful of systems, and it’s probably not going anywhere anytime soon. But you are, you’re getting round it. We’re gonna get you the best credit score possible. By working with Cleo on highlighting your problem areas and tweaking spending/saving behaviours, you’ll be able to stop shuddering when you hear the term and actually play the credit score game you’re stuck in.

Save your spending

Cleo is...

Journalists might call her an AI-powered money management bot with an attitude, or something like that. Which isn’t not true, but to put it bluntly, Cleo is everything your bank isn’t. She’s in this for you, not herself, and she’s about to take your relationship with your money to a 10.

You’re going to transform it all – from budget, to bills, to savings goals to credit scores.

Save your spending

Here’s to a future rich in, well, hopefully everything.

Cleo is one of those rare friends that can strike the balance of being real with you and making you a better person because of it. Download Cleo today and see the future of money saving apps (literally, there’s fortune mode). You’ll be glad you did.

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