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A financial health app that isn't just for the rich

When you hear financial health, you probably think something along the lines of 'yeah right'. Whether it's because the word 'health' has never yet existed in the same sentence as 'finances' or 'money' for you, or whether you just find it all pretty dull – you're about to get financially healthy, say goodbye to any debts and actually enjoy it in the process. Fact.

Cleo's all about the practicals, of course, she's an AI bot who literally exists to unravel your bad money habits so that you don't have to. But she's also about improving your emotional relationship with your money by stripping the fear, upping the honesty and adding some fun. Cleo's an AI bot with more bite than most human people – so you're in good hands. Metaphorically speaking.

Well-being for more than your money

We'd imagine no one's told you that you're more than your money before. It's not something that jumps out of our capitalist headspace often, or the average first date opening line. But it's true. We're all shoved into the default of a capitalist society – our money seems to extend it's financial worth onto our worth as humans too. But that's b*llshit. Guaranteed you're worth way more than the dollars in your bank account. In which case, why the hell do you spend so much time thinking about them.

Cleo will help you improve your actual bank balance but not by cutting back, working 10x harder and having your income and debts be your main source of psychological entertainment. Quite the opposite. Her main goal is to help to spot your bad behaviours, cut the chaos and get you at the best financial place possible, all while integrating them into your day to day.

Cleo's end goal as a money app is actually to have you spending less time thinking about your money. Staring your fears in the face can make them seem pretty manageable, which means you're not there tripping out about them every waking hour.

Speaking of fear, ever met a straight talking AI?

You’re about to. You're not doing this whole money wellness thing on your own. You'll have Cleo sitting on top of your bank accounts with a fierce eye on your spending (not in them, she's not a bank and there will be no interference there, ever). You probably didn't ask her to give you the side-eye for popping to your local bodega or the services again, but it'll be there. She'll tell you how your budget's going and how much you've got left for the week to stay on track. If you're going under, you'll know.

If you really want to dig deep into your finances past and present, you can also ask her things yourself, like how much you've spent on takeout in the last year. If the number is just as terrifying as you expected, you can add your weak spots (probably McDonald's, Wendy's and KFC if we go by sheer experience) into a swear jar. Cleo will fine you for going and put the money aside in another pot you can access later. Nothing stops your third McDonald's trip in a week like being an extra five dollars down after you've just forked out for your meal. Financial well-being is about rewiring your day to day. See you there.

Your monthly breakdown just got a whole new meaning

Forget sitting on the couch, head in one hand and ice cream tub in the other stressing over your crappy landlord debts and their climbing rent. You're sorting all that weight with Cleo. Your monthly breakdown is now a meticulous look at your money health and the behaviours feeding into it. Every month Cleo will give you a sometimes delightful, sometimes devastating deep dive into where the hell you're at. Might seem terrifying, but no one fixes something by ignoring it. You're going to get to know your money very well. The good, the bad and the ugly, but you're going to be really happy together.

Cleo is on your side

Cleo's main mission is to fight for the world's financial wellness. She's like your bank, if they actually cared about people. Because of this the product evolves as you do. Things are scary and where you need supporting can change pretty rapidly. As things shift, Cleo does too and comes through with features to pick up the pieces where she can. Evolutions like Random Acts of Relief saw people gifted thousands of dollars when Covid-19 hit the economy and your pockets hard. This was money to the Cleo community, by the Cleo community, through Cleo.

There are prizes

The Cleo community is packed with people doing their damn best, and doing your damn best deserves a reward. We have weekly money competitions in-app and on our social channels where we encourage people to take part in some kinda behaviour that we think will improve your financial well-being – like, you know, quizzing your money, sharing a proud moment, tagging a friend who should go cold turkey on takeout with you. You in? Time is money.

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