beat the banks


We say salary advance, you say? Probably something like bullsh*t. Either that or need. ‍

Normally, you sign up for a salary advance because you're a damn hard working employee, your employer doesn't pay you until the end of the month and you just need a little extra money to get you through to payday. Then after jumping through a few too many hoops you've just about got your salary advance. But the bank wants payback, literally. ‍

You're still waiting for the employee paycheck that you got the salary advance for and the bank is already there tacking interest on to your loan because they want it back. For every day or week you're unable to pay the money back, the more money you end up having to pay. On top of all of the banks b*llshit, you've got your overdraft charges giving you grief too. It's a vicious financial cycle. A corporate dance at the expense of those of you in serious need of a little money. And Cleo wont play a part in it. ‍

With Cleo, the amount of money you get advanced is the only amount of money you will ever be required to pay back. There are no secret charges, no additional fees, no interest rates. Every employee struggles at some point and unfortunately most employers aren't getting A*s for their levels of humanity. We all need a little help with getting by from time to time. The banks aren't helping, and nor is your employer. Cleo is though. She's on your side.

beat the banks

So, how the hell do you get your salary advance?

Let's start at the very beginning. First things first, if you haven't already, you download Cleo (your salary advance isn't the only great thing you're about to experience).

Once you've done some exploring and been won over by Cleo's charm (read: savage roasting of your funds), you do yourself ANOTHER favour and get Cleo Plus. Sure, you're paying a subscription fee for this but that's cheaper than the charges you're about to start swerving, and it's not going to hit you out of nowhere.

Once you've done the deed, you'll need to set up your Cleo wallet and link up a bank account. Cleo never goes near your bank balance, but she does drop money directly into your specific Cleo wallet when times are tough (s a l a r y a d v a n c e).

Debit card connected to your account? You're ready to ask Cleo for a salary advance. No documents, no questions, no supervisors needed. How exciting.

Time for your salary advance request. All you need to do is say 'Salary advance' or 'Spot me' to cleo, take your pick, and she'll do the rest. If you're eligible for a salary advance she'll let you know and front you anything from $20-$100, depending on how much you want.

beat the banks

Pick your amount

Pick your repayment date (anywhere between 3 and 28 days of receiving the loan – your money, your terms).

Pick the day of the month you want to see your money in your Cleo wallet (on the day $3.99, or in four days time for absolutely free. Investing in your future is cool).

beat the banks

You're sorted.

DW though, if you don't qualify for a salary advance she's not giving up – she's helping you get there. She'll run you through some Badges and Challenges that you can do within the app to boost your score and unlock your money help in the future. You're gonna get your money and have an ok time in the process. Dreamy.

You're getting charged in ridiculous velocity for something that you couldn't afford in the first place.

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