It's your money, own it

Your New Best Friend (Who is also a Money Saving App)

Blah blah blah “personal finance” blah blah blah “budget” blah blah blah “emergency fund.” Sound familiar? Probably because you’ve read 100 money saving blogs by now and they all say the same thing. We get it! Let’s take saving into the 21st century, shall we?

That’s where Cleo comes in. Cleo is like the accountant big sister you never had (did you ever really want an accountant big sister? It’s cool if you do.) Cleo is a super smart, artificial intelligence money saving app who comes off as anything but artificial. Cleo shoots straight, doesn’t take any nonsense, and will uplift you when you need it, like any best friend should. Forget what you know about AI bots, because Cleo makes the rest of them look, well, pretty stupid.

It's your money, own it

Here’s what a typical conversation with a bot might go like:

You: Hey Money Bot, how much can I spend this week?
You: Ummm, yeah but how much can I spend?
Money Bot: Would you like to speak with one of our agents? They’d be happy to help!
You: Why are you the way that you are.
Money Bot: I’m sorry, did you need something?
You: ….

It's your money, own it

Fun! Now, here’s a typical conversation with Cleo:

You: Hey Cleo, how much can I spend this week?
Cleo: Looks like you’ve already spent $100 on takeout, which is shockingly low for you. So you have $30 left.
You: I love you Cleo.
Cleo: Let’s keep this professional.The information you needed? Check. A slight roast to keep you grounded? Cleo’s got you covered.So other than being a roast connoisseur, what else does Cleo bring to the table? We’re glad you asked.

It's your money, own it

On your marks. Get set. Goals.

Life isn’t just paying bills and figuring out what you can spend each day to survive. Well, it’s not supposed to be. In this life, we want the finer things. You know, the things that often set us back a few dollar signs. Technically, you could just blow that pay check on whatever the hell you wanted. Also technically, you could do the super responsible thing and save up first. Shall we meet in the middle? Part of learning how to make a budget is learning how to get those savings going without making your spending absolutely dry and joyless.

Cleo’s got you covered here. Set some savings goals for the things you want most in life and Cleo will get you there. She’ll work out how long it’ll take you to get there and how much money per week that gives you to spend. Despite doing that old responsible thing, we all come unstuck from time to time. Cleo can help you with getting that emergency fund off the ground in case you ever need it. As tempting and necessary as that giant inflatable flamingo to sleep on while you’re in Bali seems, the emergency fund is a good call.

It's your money, own it

Money Management that Doesn’t Bore You to Tears.

Cleo is a money saving app, which on the surface sounds lame and not chill. Give Cleo a chance though, and she’ll show you how money management doesn’t have to be boring. Cleo can help you create a personalized budget, help you pay your bills, and even give you a friendly budgeting tip every now and then.

It's your money, own it

Goals Can be Fun?

Let’s be clear. Paying bills is not fun. Cleo will make it infinitely more bearable, but saving money let’s us do so much more than just pay bills. Cleo can help you set goals so you can finally go on that trip or rent a bounce house for a day (no judgement here). Cleo can help you figure out exactly how much you need to put aside, how long it will take you to save for it without breaking your budget, and how much you can afford to put away each week. Then, when you finally reach your goal, Cleo will celebrate with you while you celebrate the fact that you get to spend money on something other than rent and wine for crying.

It's your money, own it

People Can be Fake. Cleo Isn’t Technically a Person

Ever hear people tell you to fake it til you make it? Well Cleo has already made it, she doesn’t have to be fake. As a sassy, intelligent money making app, Cleo isn’t concerned with people’s opinions of her, which lets her be as real as they come. Cleo will be honest with you when you splurge too much and will lift you up when you need the boost. Cleo will roast the shit out of you if you need to be taken down a peg or pat you on the back when you need some encouragement. It’s hard to rely on too many things in these strange and uncertain times, but Cleo won’t ever let you down.

It's your money, own it

2020 is a Shitshow. Cleo Can Help

This year has been...well it’s been a year. Cleo offers unique pandemic-related features like Stimulus Check and Survival Kit. It’s time to fight back against 2020 a little bit and get some of that financial independence everyone keeps talking about.

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